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R500 Error: curl_https_request:1097 resolve address[RuckusController] fail

New Contributor

Just installed an R500.  Upgraded firmware to a standalone.

My log is full of these:

daemon.err wsgclient[450]: curl_https_request:1097 resolve address[RuckusController] fail

daemon.err wsgclient[450]: resolve_addrinfo:1053 Address [RuckusController] is invalid address.[-2: Name or service not known].

I normally work with Cisco devices through CLI, and cannot find out what is cause this.   Any pointers?


Valued Contributor II

Not clear what is your setup, and where you have got this log. Is your AP really standalone (log points that it has SmartZone firmware)? If you don't describe your setup, you can't get any reasonable advice.

New Contributor

Currently the setup is:

Linksys Router -> 8 port dumb switch -> R500.

Bought the R500 used, so I reset it and flashed it with: R500_110.

(ZoneFlex Solo Access Point (GA) Software Release (R500))

Changed the name of the AP to match my naming convention. 

Changed the NTP

Set static IP address for my IP range

No local subnets

Set up one SSID for 2.4 40MHz, Chan 7, using WPA2, PSK & AES.  No other settings changed

Set up one SSID for 5GHz, 80MHz, Chan 149, using WPA2, PSK & AES. No other settings changed.

Everything else was left at default config.

The log entries are from the Log under Administration.  (Bottom most menu item)

Its adding an entry every 5 seconds to this log.

Did I use the wrong FW?

Hi John,

The 110.x.x.x is a software build to suite our ZoneDirector and vSZ/SZ controllers, and it will try to find a controller.

It will try via DHCP option 43, but also via DNS, if domain is given via DHCP it will try otherwise it will try with just ruckuscontroller. which in your case will fail.

This does not impact your wifi, as you use the unit as standalone.

I would suggest in standalone mode, that you use Unleashed as that will give you more easy configuration and management options.



Now it is clear what happens. You have discovery service running on your AP. As no controller is available, discovery services fail. It's expected and is not a problem. You can ignore that or you can disable ZD, SZ and cloud discovery services from WEB interface (under management), than there will be no error messages in the log.

Also, you can flash AP Unleashed firmware, this will provide you more functionality, but if you just need WiFi connectivity, you don't need to do it, as connectivity itself will be exactly the same. 

In case if you get asymmetric bandwidth, with much lower than expected  download speed (3-5 times lower than upload speed), you may want to try older firmware (104-105 version), as there are reports that in some conditions latest firmware shows such behavior.

Hope it helps.