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Moving APs while keeping AP-specific configuration

New Contributor

I'm talking about keeping AP-specific configurations when moving them across groups/zones.Is there a way to do that? Or alternatively, backing up AP-specific config for some APs before moving and restoring from those config after moving them. Thanks!

Edit: It's a SmartZone 100 running firmware


RUCKUS Team Member


AP specific configs will carry over when an AP is moved to the new AP zone/ group.

Used  AP specific channelization config for an AP > Moved it to a new AP zone > The AP retained the AP specific channelization config that was made, after it successfully joined the new AP zone.

New Contributor

Thanks but it's the contrary when I did my testing today - the moved AP lost its configuration.

Maybe because in my test the AP was moved to a Zone with different AP firmware version than the original? (The original uses, the dest. zone uses Sorry I forgot to mention this info. 

Hi @henryp 

What specific setting/configuration we are talking about ? I just moved an AP on version 3.6.2 to another AP group in same zone and another new zone but the AP retained the AP specific config, for example I enabled specific channelization and channel on the AP and it retained those specific setting while moving to AP group in same zone group or a different AP zone (firmware changed from 3.6.2 to 3.5.1). On these AP's can you confirm if you go to AP >> config>>advanced options>> network settings>> its set to Keep the AP's settings

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I enabled channelization, TX power and model-specific config etc. for that AP. All were lost when moved to the new zone.

I also cannot find 'network settings' under advanced options in the AP config page.