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Missing features in SmartZone



here a small part out of the SmartZone manual: SmartZone controllers are better equipped to handle large WiFi deployments such as within campuses and when customers are vastly distributed; therefore, Ruckus Wireless recommends that you migrate existing ZoneDirector deployments to SamrtZone controller deployments. 

so Ruckus "recommends' a migration

just did start one at a customer, and it's no fun to do, because some features on the ZoneDirector platform are missing in SmartZone

- social login on SmartZone, not working

- self registration: eu... no idea, it's not there

- Zero-IT: eu... no idea, it's not there

just adding this to the forum to put some pressure on the cettle

why would we migrate controllers if customers are losing important functionality?

just fix this please, would make my life a easier

Paul Van der Cruyssen

If it's a new customer, then based on the requirements they have you can offer them ZD or SZ, with our without CloudPath in the back. In some cases we offered SZ, with Facebook login, you can configure it, it's in the management console, but it does not work. Then telling that customer that it is not implementent in the SZ platform,.. then they think you are selling them junk.
In this case a customer has a ZD1200, 20 AP's, small installation, but they also want to install WiFi in 3 other locations, Roemania, China and Mexico, and want to do the same stuff, with central management, like they did with the ZD 1200. Then having to sell them also CloudPath to do the same stuff as they are doing now is almost impossible.
For new customers, you can tell them a clear message, but still having to sell them two products to do stuff that is normal in ZoneDirector or even Unleashed makes no sence. CloudPath for me is a serious addon, with a lot of power. But a lot of customers and prospect want to keep is simple (and cheap?) and want to use basic fucntionality. CloudPath makes WiFi expensive, but also a lot more secure. The moment a customer or prospect has question about security, then CloudPath is right on the table.
So what's preventing me, or the customer?, money and social login, self-registration, Zero-IT is seen as basic stuff, and why would you need a second platform to do basic stuff?

New Contributor III
Hey Paul, thanks again for the explanation and input. 
I understand your situation and the challenges of customer expectations. To start with your critique about ZeroIT and OAuth being on SZ in the past, this is true. There are many pieces to this conversation, but effectively, this was the best decision for SmartZone to avoid spending extra effort supporting parallel feature sets as on Cloudpath. OAuth only worked previously for onboarding flows, but we waited to remove it from the UI until we were sure of the path forward with respect to native OAuth support (you will see this reflected in the 3.6 release). My apologies for the confusion. 

As to the product fit for the customers you describe, there's a few layers that might help frame up the conversation. Ultimately, if we put these functionalities into SZ, then we erode Cloudpath's value. For customers that are existing ZD/Unleashed customers and want to expand to multi-site, we do have a product called Multi-Site Manager ( that could solve this part of the hurdle. From a pure sales and positioning perspective, the customer is moving from a small-site on-premises solution to a higher scale multi-site solution, so there is expected to be some shift in implementation form factor (add a multi-site management piece, change solution architecture, add onboarding system, etc). 
If you compare Cloudpath functionality to other solutions on the market with similar capabilities, we are dramatically less expensive with arguably much better ease of use. I understand this doesn't help change a customer's mind when they don't want to spend money, but comparatively speaking, it remains true. 🙂 


P.S. I'm happy to engage further if you want to take it up in email ( - just plug in my first and last name)...we can set up a call and have some interactive dialogue. 


with each new release you expect new features, not that features go away, we already had two prospects that became customers for VZ that counted on Facebook login, and suddenly it was not there (or not working anymore), and then I don't have to offer them to buy something else to solve this....
the same with self registration, that should be basic stuff

and no, I don't agree with the statement, if a customer moves to a more enterprise solution, then they have to be aware that they lose features, they should get more features, now ZD and Unleashed have more power in some way then the virtual platform

with all this in mind there is a simple solution for us, just sell ZD, and leave/forget the virtual platform as much as possible, and if it's multi-site, sell a few more ZD's, the management multi-site link is for Unleashed, so ZD does not have this feature

it's clear that Ruckus just wants to sell CloudPath, no problems with that, but forcing customers to do this is a bad idea, regardless of the power of CloudPath


idea: organise a survey to all partners to see if they would like these features in SZ or not....

New Contributor II
The ability to set maximum client counts on AP groups is also gone.  Can only set maximum client counts on SSIDS....I dont like that