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Licensing needed for Virtual SmartZone?

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I've got two sites on ZoneDirectors and one on Unleashed, each needing just a few APs but they need Mesh. To add to that complication, one site uses R730s so Unleashed is off the table. I've been evaluating SmartZone on and off and really liking it, and I've got plenty of spare hardware for deploying vSZ.

As my 90 days are coming up, I've started trying to figure out the licensing. From what I can see, I need two basic licenses:

  • L09-VSCG-WW00 is the RTU license for the virtual appliance
  • L09-0001-SG00 is an AP capacity license per AP

It seems like neither of these are sold without the corresponding support licenses as well.

Does this sound right? It sounds like the support licenses are yearly while the capacity/RTU licenses are buy-once?

Thanks in advance, I usually would work with a VAR on this but I've found that VARs don't really like to process these kinds of complicated orders for small deployments unless I go in with exact SKUs of what I'd like.


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi John,

Below is the info.

RTU (Right to use): One time license you need, to use virtual SmartZone, after initial 90 days of trial.

Support license: Premium support of 1 year, 3 year and 5 year. Talk to your RUCKUS reseller for more info.

It comes with below advantages:

  • 24*7 technical support.
  • Access to premium contents on our support page. Like premium knowledge article, etc.
  • Firmware download and controller upgrade.

AP capacity license: For per AP, you need this capacity license. This is also a one time license. Note: vSZ RTU comes with 1 AP license by default.

Refer product data sheet from here, page number 11 for more information.

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