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Is it possible to find out if any Guest Pass entry got deleted by someone or not for Ruckus Wireless SmartZone Essentials?

New Contributor

A couple of questions:  1. Is Ruckus Wireless SmartZone Essentials cloud based? 2. if someone deleted a Guest Wifi pass is it possible to find out who deleted it or if it was deleted at all?

I am not sure if I would have the access to see if such Guest pass entry deleted or not because when I login to Ruckus Wireless portal I just get redirected to a page where all I can do is to generate Guest pass and thats it. I dont see any other options to do anything.

Please advise.


Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus Virtual SmartZone Essentials is firmware that runs in a customer's VM environment.
Your login account has Guest Access pass creation permissions, but not full Admin permissions.
If your vSZ was sending information to a Syslog server, it *might* capture an Admin deleting a user guest pass.