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How to open the captive portal every time a user connects to the AP?

New Contributor
When i connect AP first time, Automatically open Logon page.
and then off wifi setting.
1 ~ 2 minutes after i reconnect AP doesn't appear Logon page Automatically.

Client tested on AndroidPhone, iPhone.

How to configure to open logon url automatically?
at controller or at client?

plz help me

Controller : SZ-100 ( Version : )
AP : T300, T301S, R310, R510, R610, R710, R720

Wireless LANs Configure
- Authentication Options
- Authentication Type : Hotspot (WISPr)
- Method : 802.1X EAP

Services & Profiles - Hospots & Portals - Hotspot (WISPr)
- Logon URL : External
- User Session
- Grace Period : 1


Valued Contributor
Try to apply via session time out

thanks for reply.
but that's not work what i want.
i want to open external login page everytime when device connect to access point.

If you want to open login page, you can get a result using grace period.