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Downgrading firmware virtual SmartZone

Hello, I have just deployed a new VM of virtual Smartzone using the ova with firmware
However now I realise I also need a zone supporting firmware 3.6.2 due to some old AP models.
What are my options here to get a dual firmware virtual SmartZone server ?
Thank you kindly.
Does this mean I a going to have to start from scratch and re-deploy a new VM with a 3.6.2 ova ?


Valued Contributor II
Yeah in order to get 3.6.2 (and old versions in general) you must’ve had it installed at one point. I just went through this procedure last night. I had to install 3.6.2 from OVA, then using the XIMG to upgrade to 5.1.1, then restore my cluster config from backup. Otherwise you won’t be able to choose 3.6.2 as a zone firmware.