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Hows vscg holding up?

New Contributor II
We are going to eval the vscg & ruckus to provide our wireless for us & our customer (hosted services)

I'm used to Cisco platform, so Ruckus is quite new for me.

Since vscg is a new platform, I'm curious to know if anyone tried it in a live deployment? Perhaps in a multi-tenant situation?


Esteemed Contributor II
vSCG is designed to manage multiple management domains and individual AP zones, to allow WISPs to support multiple end use customers. We have many customers employing vSCG in live networks today.

New Contributor II
Thanks Michael, but you are bought and payed for :)

Any IT hosting vendors with vscg deployments that want to share pain and gains with their deployments? (Not isp carriers!)


Esteemed Contributor II
If you have your ESXi or KVM VM environment in place, it takes about an hour to install vSCG firmware, configure interfaces, apply licenses, join a few APs, and configure a set of WLANs.

Then its just a matter of getting familiar with domains/AP-zones associated with
your different tentant(s), and setting up their individual WLAN requirements.

You are probably correct that not a lot of IT hosting companies have deployed the
vSCG yet though, but we anticipate a busy 2015.

New Contributor II
the systems is stable, where having about 500 ap's on 10 ap zones on the moment, 
we are having issues of clients who have to re agree terms and conditions, this seems to happen when a client is switching from ap or the ap is switching of a channel, we're not happy at the moment