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vSCG and R300 management VLAN

New Contributor
We have a setup with the following VLANs:
1 is still used for all data traffic, dhcp server is present
11 for wifi clients, dhcp server present
31 for public wifi, dhcp server present,
40 for management of network devices, dhcp server present.
Now our vSCG has a static IP on vlan 40, untagged.

Our AP's consist of R300 access points connected untagged in VLAN 40.

We would like our AP's to get an IP in VLAN 40 and communicate with the vSCG via this IP.
However, all AP's got their IP in vlan 1 and communicate with the vSCG via our router.
In the future we would like to remove all computers from VLAN 1, and in the meanwhile we do not want our AP's to be manageable via an IP on the same network as all computers.
In the Ruckus R300 web interface I noticed you could set untagged VLAN (a setting also present in vSCG) and management VLAN (a setting not available through vSCG).
Is there a way in which we can set the management VLAN on all R300 AP's through vSCG?
As it is now, it seems the AP's have their management interface on VLAN 1.

Thanks in advance.


New Contributor II
we have the same problem, its confirmed by ruckus that in the currently used firmware only untagged traffic from vlan 1 is expected