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How to downgrade dataplane SZ144-D

New Contributor

I want to downgrade a SZ144-D dataplane from to

Apparently there is no way to upload older firmware directly to the dataplane; only upgrade is available and trying to downgrade to an older version with upgrade commands leads to "Upgrade Fail".

So, I wanted to try cluster restore but the cluster doesn't have a backup of 5.2.2.x or older version of its own.

I have tried copying 5.2.1.x version backup of another cluster to a cluster with 5.2.2.x version from FTP server and restoring but it says the external backup do not allow the restore from different major version.

So, I tried copying and restoring with another cluster of same 5.2.1.x version as the backup and now it says it doesn't allow restoring the whole cluster by external backup and proceeding leads to restoring only the controller I have uploaded the backup.

Is there any other method I could try for downgrading the dataplane?