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vSZ can't start service

New Contributor

vSZ can't start service and login https://ip local:8443

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New Contributor

You don't need to start the services to access the webUI.

After rebooting, it may take 5 minutes for the website to be online.

You can try to use a different browser.

Had the same issue yesterday 🙂

New Contributor

Yes, i am seting IP but can't login with webUI, Address not found but ping to vSZ ok.


Hi @thang_vo_duc,

You do not need to manually start services.

Post deploying the image on VM, you just need to turn it ON, after that go to console/CLI and you need to run "setup" command to complete the initial configuration of vSZ (vSZ type, port config, IP config)

Please check what is the status when you run "show service" command.

Web GUI will not be accessible until "web" service is online.

If services are not coming online after 30 minutes, please review below points.

  • Make sure correct hardware resources were assigned to vSZ, as per getting start/deployement guide.
  • Make sure vSZ is deployed on supported hypervisor and on supported hypervisor version.

If above points are looking good, please create a support case for further troubelshooting.

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