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How do I get OIDs to obtain information from APs controlled by Virtual SmartZone 3.6.2?

New Contributor II
I had downloaded the mibs from the link below, but I don't have the OIDs I want:

 I wanted the OIDs to be inserted into Zabbix, for monitoring the connection status of the AP, the number of clients connected, and the CPU usage of the AP.

Contributor III
I managed to get them into zabbix. You need to use the stand alone AP mibs and then maybe play around with a mib browser

See here

This is correct, use a MIB browser (or even snmpwalk) to find the needed OID.

Esteemed Contributor II
I found some advice in a KBA-3141: MIB files for Zabbix tool

--Since Zabbix  files do not  support MIB files, we need to convert the MIB files into XML format .

--We can convert  MIB files into XML format by using the link:

--Once after converting we can upload the file into zabbix tool,which helps to monitor the network.