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The same SSID on the same APs in the same vSZ zone is periodically declared malicious by different AP.

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We use vSZ-E ( with 80 access points.

6 zones are configured of which 2 without access points (used as a template).

In one of the zones there are only 6 access points.

But a strange thing happens in her ...

"An SSID-spoofing rogue AP [24: 79: 2A: 2B: 55: BC] with SSID [TavriaV_Intercom] is detected by [AP-R510_Ark_47 @ 24: 79: 2A: 2B: 55: B0] on channel [153]."

Those. the access point has declared its own BSSID malicious!

In the remaining zones, everything is OK.

I made a stable zone clone, corrected VLANs, moved these 6 points - I got the same problem.

When scanning WiFi, you can really see duplicate SSIDs, sometimes with different authentication settings (some key suddenly appears on an open network).

Google did not help, nor did a search in the knowledge base and forum.

I ask for help!

Desirable links to a knowledge base, documentation or solution.

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Some picture about this trouble.

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There may be WIPS around using the TARPIT method.