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Hotspot(WISPr) Iphone not start browser to authentication

New Contributor II
Some weeks we realized using the iphone any version the Hotspot(WISPr) external captive portal not start automatic navigation to browser autentication, in the Android/Windows(7/10) works normally,
We use the virtual controller (Virtual SmartZone - High Scale version, we know this worked before, but now it has stopped.
Any solution to resolve this problem or ideia, any workaround to solve this?


Weird does not work, check another options, for me work now

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Contributor III
@EightOhTwoEleven the issue in the link that you posted is a different issue to the OP. That is in reference to the apple devices CNA not actively probing to detect a CP for a period of time when you connect to a network. As far as I am aware, there is no current fix for this as it is the client causing the issue. If you connect then wait for appox 45s do you get the CNA pop up window?

I ́ll try wait and see result appears the popup.

Yes I do. This sounded very similar to the OP's problem.