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Migration of AP's from vsz 5.1.1 to 3.5.1 issues

New Contributor
Hi All..... I was trying to migrate AP's from vsz 5.1.1 to 3.5.1. it did not work of which i had to login to cli and set factory then set scg ip from default login super

New Contributor III
Hi Hilton, 

This is tricky and challenging using command "set scg ip <3.5.1 controller ip>" on the AP and deleting the APs from old controllers would work, if the AP numbers are more I would have those APs moved in one Zone and would run a AP-Cli script to do this, once the AP establishes connection to which ever controller it would try to upgrade the firmware that is available on the Zone.

I understand the method that you tried is harder.

Abilash PR.