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Hotspot(WISPr) Iphone not start browser to authentication

New Contributor II
Some weeks we realized using the iphone any version the Hotspot(WISPr) external captive portal not start automatic navigation to browser autentication, in the Android/Windows(7/10) works normally,
We use the virtual controller (Virtual SmartZone - High Scale version, we know this worked before, but now it has stopped.
Any solution to resolve this problem or ideia, any workaround to solve this?


Contributor III
What happens if you open safari and browse to a http website, do you get redirected? This could be an issue with Apple CNA (captive network assistant) that tries to identify the presence of a captive portal when it connects to a new network.

If i open e and access any site with Safari, the url is redirect to portal works, but we like redirect automatically when user connect wi-fi open network, but the navigator not open more, We testing in multi iphone the result is same not open.
But in the past work normally.
The action is not automatic when user connect on open network, its a problem the user is not notified and does not know what to do.

I think you will find this is an issue introduced by an apply IOS update. Sounds like the CNA isnt getting a hit when it tries to reach its test URL in the background. It might be worth doing a packet capture of the open network to see what the iPhone is doing when it connects. 

Ok Roberti request to my team capture pack and annalise whats happen,
I try other wifi open network work OK, but my wifi ruckus open network not work