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Have you ever seen the symptom when you registered a SmartZone and activated a support entitlement of the SZ?

Valued Contributor
The smart license system makes us very tired.

Ruckus' smart license is very complex.

First of all, you must purchase Smartzone appliance device and purchase support entitlement for the SZ and AP capacity license under the same customer name to use the smart license.

However, from about 1-2 years ago, there is a symptom that the support entitlement we purchased for our customers does not appear on LiMAN.

I have appealed to Ruckus about this several times, but I'm still experiencing the same symptoms.

Please check that the SmartZone you have purchased and the support entitlement for the device are properly registered on LiMAN.

Confirmation is as follows.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ff135b77e247911415_1108cb251ff28d0da72b55448d7c01c6_RackMultipart2020081421952vc3k-3d84d673-4f19-4ece-8726-bd2c3f2a6c87-936246165.png1597366097

You may not notice if the license is properly activated in LiMAN because there is no problem with SZ running even without the corresponding license.

However, if you suddenly need to upgrade in the future, you will be embarrassed because the upgrade is not possible without the support entitlement.

On the other hand, vSZ is not having this symptom due to bind serial number manually at activation for support entitlement.

If you have confirmed this symptom, please write the following reply.

And I hopes to resolve the symptom as soon as possible.