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Guidelines on SmartZone WiFi calling setup for common carriers?

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I've been looking at the SmartZone WiFi calling documentation and understand that the premise is as long as the ePDG hostname/IP is provided, SmartZone will collect more detailed statistics as well as provide better prioritization for wifi calls.

Is there official guidance on the ePDG hosts to configure for popular carriers (at least in the USA, like T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T)? The documentation provides one domain name that seems to correspond to AT&T.

Same question.  I think AT&T change their ePDG as well.  Where can we get updated info and be alerted of changes?

For AT&T we have ... is that what you have as well?

Yes, that is what I have now, but that is not what I had before today as I referenced Ruckus document from April 2019 that had something else.  I could see AT&T calls logged once I changed it.  Is there an IP Address to go with that ePDG?  Ruckus documentation says that having the optional IP will help with roaming between APs.  I pinged the ePDG but the IP was changing between pings so I was nervous to lock it to one IP.

I haven't put in the IPs since I didn't know if they changed, or how often and what negative that could have.

Hi All,

ISPs may change their ePDG FQDN or IPs frequently and that is not something vendor's documents can update very frequently.

Whenever a new updated version of WiFi calling guide will be released, it will have the latest information.

It is advised to check with vendor for the latest ePDG gateway information and also avoid whitelisting ePDG IPs. Use the ePDG FQDN, so even when IP address may change in background, your firewall will still allow the connection using allowed ePDG FQDN.

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