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Guest passes forbidden charactyers

New Contributor II
Is it possible to bypass the idiot rules of the forbidden o,l, 0,1 when generating a guestpass.. we do this always on name or postal code or stuff like that, and it is verrry annoying that these characters are not allowed (i do understand that they will not be used when autogenerating)

Esteemed Contributor II
I'm not sure I understand your request, but if you contact your VAR or local SE, they can file
a feature request for product marketing to consider?

Valued Contributor II
where do u see this problem? which product, its software version etc..

New Contributor II
I am running Virtual SmartZone Essentials, version
and i go to :
configuration / identity / guests / guest passes
i click generate guest pass, uncollapse advanced and want.. in pass generation i want to put a name like iwantin... unfortunately, the i is forbidden, just like the o the zero the l etc