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Can I create 2-node vSZ cluster setup with each node having different VLANs.

I am creating 2 node vSZ cluster. Nodes will be put in two different sites. As per network architecture, VLANs are not span between sites.
So in my setup management and control will have different VLAN IDs and different IP subnets while cluster interface will be extended through pseudo-wire.
Is this setup possible to have with automatic failover and all other vSZ functionalities?
Latency between sites 5ms.
BW 10G


Esteemed Contributor II
Yes.  A cluster looks like one SZ.  It's config is replicated with the other cluster nodes.

AP Zones are Sites with APs and local VLANs associated with the WLANs in use there.

If you had only one SZ, you would need two AP Zones.  Think like that.  You need AP Zones for each site.

You can have/add your other SZ cluster node(s) at another site (5ms latency is good), so long as your APs
can communicate over your mgt/control VLANs with the SZ controller(s) at any site you have a cluster node.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the response.
My concern is can I have management and control interfaces of two nodes in different VLANs.
Eg:- Node 1 - Management - VLAN X1, subnet :
Node 2 - Management - VLAN X2, subnet:
Node 1- Control - VLAN X3, subnet :
Node 2 - Control - VLAN X4 subnet:
Node 1 and Node 2 Cluster interface in VLAN X5 subnet:

I have hesitation whether management and control should have same VLAN/subnet.


Esteemed Contributor II
Mmmm, no... Your SZ/AP management and control VLANs would need to extend between both sites.
You could have unique local VLANs for local WLAN traffic, but the APs at either site need to be able
to talk to either SZ.

Isn't it possible in multiple subnet scenario because AP will use IPs in different subnet. (10.X.X.X/24). So either way they will have L3 reachability.
Issue is as per the network architecture VLANs doesn't span between sites.