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Firmware Zone for ZF7372 in VSZ

New Contributor
Which ap patch can I add to my new vsz-h

I'm trying to add some legacy APS R700 and ZF7372 but I'm not succeeding, I've already created the zones with the firmware but they're not showing up on the controller.

RUCKUS Team Member


Thanks for your query.

R700 and ZF7372 supports AP firmware upto 3.6.2 release. With, you can upload an AP patch for 3.6.2 firmware which will allow you to create a separate zone running 3.6.2 release for these two AP models.

Here is the AP patch that you can apply to your vSZ running 6.1.1 in order to support 3.6.2 firmware -

After the patch is applied, you can create a zone with 3.6.2 AP firmware and onboard your APs to this zone.

Please go through the patch release notes to know the steps to apply the patch -

Note - In case you are running vSZ-E (Essentials), You would need to downgrade your "Default Zone" to 3.6.2 AP firmware by "Changing the AP firmware". This is needed because in absence of any registration rules, the APs will first try to join the Default AP zone in Essentials. Therefore, make sure that other APs are not in the default zone before changing it's firmware to 3.6.2. Alternatively, you can utilize AP registration rules to bypass the default zone and directly moving the APs to it's dedicated zone.

This is not needed if you are running vSZ-H ( High Scale) as there is no default zone in it ( It is replaced with Staging zone that hosts no AP firmware).

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Hi Dilshad_Zafar, Thanks for your help. I'll try to explain a little better.
I'm in the process of migrating these old APS (ZD7372 and R700) I created the Zone on the Smartzone 6.1 controller, but when I try to migrate to the new one I need to reset and upload an old controller to change the firmware... is there any firmware for these APS for the smartzone ? because today they all have ZD300 firmware.

Thanks again.