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Connection Failures and Troubleshooting section


Is there a way to dig deeper into Connection Failures to see what exactly is happening and correlate that information on the root cause.  Just showing me "Connection Failures" and nothing else is so pointless.  vSZ or SCI neither have a way to drill down into it.

Secondly, will the blocked clients connections show up as Connection Failure?  Looking under the troubleshooting section (which is not very useful by the way, I rather the interface give me a pcap file) they show up as "Fail" so I am guessing it correlates to the "Connection Failures" under the Access Point screen?


New Contributor III

In the zone, you can enable "Historical Connection Failures" then in the health section of an AP - Go to Connection Failure - on the right hand side where you see the drop down where it says Access Points - choose Failure Types - you will then see the different failure types by connection failure and you will see mac addresses of clients affected and you will be able to click and it will bring you directly to the VCD historical data for that client. 

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