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Can I cancel the session timeout

New Contributor III

hi  everyone

     • Session Timeout: Sets a time limit (in minutes) after which users will be disconnected from the hotspot service and required to log in again.
      Can I cancel the session timeout?
       If I reach the time limit for wireless access during a video conference, my video conference will be disconnected, so I want to close the session timeout


Thank you very much for your guidance

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New Contributor III

Can authentication only retain grace periods and cancel session timeouts

Hi Cangqingse,


Refer the detailed info below.

Session Timeout: Set a time limit (in minutes) after which users will be disconnected from the portal and will be required to log on again.


Grace Period: Set the time period (in minutes) during which disconnected users are allowed access to the portal without having to log on again.

Session timeout is how long the client can access the Internet via WLAN after login, and cannot be disabled.

When client logins via portal, AP gets the session start time from SCG and counts session expiration time.

AP will disconnect client and client will be required to login again if session timeout period is reached.

For Example: Client logins to portal at 9AM. Session timeout is 1440 minutes.  They will be disconnected at 9 AM on next day
The client needs to login again after it reconnects to AP.

Grace Period information: If grace period is set for 480 mins If client disconnects from AP at 2PM and reconnects to WLAN after 3 PM, they don't need to login again.
They do not need to login again if they reconnect to AP before the end of the (1 minute) Grace Period, or 5 PM 


Sunil Acharya

New Contributor III

hi Sunil Acharya

Session timeout cannot be disabled. Can you increase its limit to 100 days? Currently, the 10 day limit is too short

Hi @cangqingse 
Currently 14400 minutes (10 days) is the max value which can be configured for Session Timeout.