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Can I cancel the session timeout


hi  everyone

     • Session Timeout: Sets a time limit (in minutes) after which users will be disconnected from the hotspot service and required to log in again.
      Can I cancel the session timeout?
       If I reach the time limit for wireless access during a video conference, my video conference will be disconnected, so I want to close the session timeout


Thank you very much for your guidance

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The behavior is same on these versions.

Thank you very much for your guidance

Hi @cangqingse 
Thank you, we are glad to hear that the information provided was helpful.
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This doesn't seem accurate for my version:

Virtual SmartZone High Scale

Session timeout: 120 minutes.

A user accesses the Wi-Fi at 1:00 PM and enters the voucher (guest access password).

The user leaves at 1:05 PM and returns at 2:00 PM.

Ruckus requests the voucher/password again at 3:00 PM (120 minutes after 1:00 PM). According to your description, it should occur at 4:00 PM.

So, contrary to what's described, after the initial voucher, the user has to enter it again every ten days. This is quite horrible.

New Contributor

After many and many tests I can confirm that all written by sanjay_kumar is not actually true in this moment.
Session duration and session timeout function the same and "Session timeout" doesn't reset when a device exits the wifi.