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Authentication server does not assign dhcp ip

New Contributor II

Does the switch, SZ or AP have a real-time TCP dump function?

configuration description
Structure of sending authentication packets to external authentication server using Proxy function in SZ
Authentication Server Also acts as a DHCP server.
MAC authentication is performed and the MAC DB is located in the authentication server.

There is no problem with the service when connecting for the first time.
However, when reconnecting after disconnection or when roaming is attempted
Users are not assigned an IP.

However, the user comes out authenticated and does not forward the authentication request packet to the authentication server.

So it seems that the IP assignment is not possible.

So I got the Application log- radiusporxy debug log when the problem occurs. However, looking at the logs, it was difficult to confirm.
Is there a documentation that explains the contents of the log so I can easily determine the cause?


RUCKUS Team Member


Unfortunately, we do not have any documentation that explain the log contents. In most cases, the collected logs are very broad and we will have to narrow down based on the issue that we see in the network.

If you already have the logs collected, I would recommend to have a support ticket open and attach it so that we would be able to review it and provide an update.



Anwar Perayil

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Hi Anwar Perayil

Thank you so much for your reply!


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