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Anybody else seeing Map View failures with vSZ-E

New Contributor II
We're new to Ruckus and have just deployed Virtual SmartZone - Essentials

If I log onto the vSZ web interface via, Map View works correctly.

If I use https://ruckus-vsz.curric.lan:8443 instead (resolves to the same host), it doesn't; instead I get a brief flash of the working Maps screen, quickly replaced by

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e1135b77e2478c6a06_cae2ea0f63494b177686b3ed87dfd954_RackMultipart201612265463977tm-ed032182-80c2-4cff-a412-8e5aee6d6b38-916956064.png1482729664

The JavaScript console shows that the last site fetched was, that no key= or client= parameter was supplied in the URL for that request, and that the message

Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError

was logged straight afterwards.

Using the controller via also performs the same request to (also with no key= or client= parameter) but no Maps API error is logged as a result and the Maps View works as it should.

It also works if I fiddle with our DNS a little and then get to the controller via https://ruckus:8443 or https://kitchen:8443. It's not just simple hostnames though - https://ruckus-vsz:8443 and https://kaboodle:8443 fail the same way as https://ruckus-vsz.curric.lan:8443 does.

My best guess at what's going on is that Ruckus is still relying on the grandfathering-in of keyless access to the Maps API, as documented here:

and that dotted-quad hostnames, "ruckus" and "kitchen" somehow pass Google's mysterious grandfather filter while none of the other hostnames I've tried do so.

So I'm just wondering if anybody else has seen this issue. If you have, or if you haven't but it interests you, could you share the hostname of your vSZ controller?