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Issues with 5GHz in VSCG.

New Contributor
Lately we have been having issues with clients authenticating on the network in VSCG. We maintain hotel networks so the guest are redirected to the terms of service or landing page where they are then prompted to enter an access code. They will show up in VSCG and in DHCP in the gateway but never make it to the host tab. I've noticed that in these cases once i disable the 5GHz radio the guest are able to make it to the host tab and are then able to reach the landing page and are able to get online. I re-enable the 5GHz radio after they authenticate and they have no issues staying online. The problem occurs with the initial process of making it to the gateway and I'm wondering has anyone else experienced this before? Once the 5GHz is disabled they are able to connect every time.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Donald, there's not quite enough information, like what type clients, and only certain type clients?

Some certain type clients have an Apple pre-browser "Network Assistant" before they open Safari to get redirected for example?

You can bypass those type client CNA applications to help in some instances like you describe. 

What vSZ firmware version and AP model?  If this might have any relation to 5G radio, versus clients having established an initial

association, and then being able to roam between APs or AP bands?

New Contributor
I believe the vSZ firmware version is 3.0 and the AP models are R500, R300, and H500.