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Access Point can't join Virtual Smart Zone

New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I'm facing a problem, access point R650 cannot join vSZ.

Even though I SSH into AP and use CLI "set scg ip <IP vSZ>" and "reboot" many times

What is root cause and how to solve it.

Many thanks!




RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @Wansi-sgn

Please confirm the currently running version of the vSZ and the AP Zone firmware. Does the AP show up under the default Zone or any Zone on the controller? If so, under the AP events on the vSZ GUI what is the reason? 

The above info will help us understand if the AP model is supported on the currently running version and the reason it is unable to connect. 
Thank you!

Hi Amith

vSZ version :

AP firmware version :

Hi Amith,

I have 2 AP with same firmware. However, one of them can't join the vSZ.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Wansi-sgn,

Thank you for confirming the firmware on the controller and the AP. Does the AP show up on the controller? Did we verify if the controller has licenses available? 
Please login into the AP CLI and execute the below commands 
get scg 
get countrycode 

Thank you!