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APs dropping from VSZ on firmware 6.1

New Contributor

We are using a VSZ, we noticed that when the controller reaches 100% of CPU, ALL APs drop (about 60 APs), then start reconnecting slowly (and keep dropping from time to time). We didn't have any issues on firmware version 5, and no changes in the network has been made, but once we upgraded to 6.1, this started happening. We have drastically increased the resources in the VM, they are more than enough and more than the minimum requirement.

We are really struggling with this.



RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Luis 
Could you please share the below details:
vSZ-E or vSZ-H?
Number of APs connected: Online and Offline
Number of Switches connected : Online and Offline

Are there are components set to "Debug" under Monitor >> Application Logs ?

Still I would recommend to open a support case since this is a network down situation.

Virtual SmartZoneHigh Scale

115 APs

No ruckus switches.

I found that every morning they drop at the same time 9:49am, they go online and offline throughout the day, then around 5:30pm, they stop dropping, till the next day at 9:49am.


New Contributor

Thank you Sanjay,

That's the thing, the network is not down. The access points keep working and there is no interruption in the WiFi, seems like the heartbeat is lost then they all show disconnected. they slowly reconnect, but this is not practical when we try to troubleshoot APs that are ACTUALLY down, and getting over a thousand alerts per day is also not practical. 

Maybe if there is a way to increase the heartbeat wait on the APs, they might not drop if they can see the controller every 5min?


Appreciate your response.