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400 bad request, No required SSL certificate was sent, nginx

New Contributor II
I downloaded the vscg-, and followed the install docs for my ESXi, 6.7.0 cluster.  I'm setting the Smartzone up as an essentials profile with only 1 NIC.  The setup goes fine without any problems.  I can ping the vSmartzone appliance from my workstation just fine, and it can ping me.  When I go the WEB interface to finish the install, I received the following message:

400 bad reques
No required SSL certificate was sent

Would you please help with the problem.

Also, the problem I was having was actually the opposite, I couldn't assign a DNS server when using static IP configuration. With no DNS the next step, which was NTP was failing if trying to use NTP with "name based" servers (like ""). I had to point the configuration to an IP based NTP and after NTP syncs, it would let me continue.

New Contributor II
Thanks all for the information.  I was able to get through the install.  It turns out that I fat fingered the IP address for the NAT.  Once I fixed that, all went well.  Again thanks.

New Contributor

This issue typically happens for a 2-Way TLS, when the certificate sent by the client is expired. In a 2-way TLS, both client and server exchange their public certificates to accomplish the handshake. The client validates the server certificate and the server validates the client certificate. During the TLS handshake if it is found that the client certificate is expired, then the server will send 400 Bad request with the message “The SSL certificate error”. The solution for this problem is that procure a new certificate and upload the certificate.