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I have gone through these forums before, I have a Lennar home with a Ruckus switch and 2 ap's. Everytime the power has gone off in the last 2 years it has gotten more difficult to get it rebooted. I have gone through everything I was told the last time and this thing will not boot up. I work from home and this makes life complicated. I have spent over 2 weeks trying to get this thing rebooted, enough is enough. Either send a replacement or a tech to come out and resolve the issue.


Hi @RCK 


As per the information you have shared, if the switch has green and amber light it means that the switch is stuck in boot mode. 


It is a software related issue so we don't need to replace the switch. To solve the issue please try performing the software recovery process.


If the IP address of switch does not appear on the  IP Scanner please reboot the local Router ( ISP device

Another solution is to log in in your local Router and check the 'device list'


Please follow the below steps to complete the software recovery process.


How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications    





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New Contributor III

Do yall ever check what your sending to verify it works prior to sending it. And if you look at all of the messages, I follwed the Ruckus plan, loaded the scanner and scanned like the information provided. The ruckus equipment did not show up. Yes its has power, yes everything else showed up..but like I said since the beginning, the Ruckus switch DOES NOT WORK...

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If these devices are so flaky that merely losing power requires a high level of IT expertise to fix, they're not fit to be supplied to consumers. You should be instigating a recall and a repair of the switches to make them as stable as any other device a non-technical person is expected to use.

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Exactly Squozen.. our cable /internet guy can fix any problems with their equipment from anywhere..and after looking at ALL of the message boards with switch/AP issues, man what a bunch of crap. No wonder they stopped taking phone calls. And I'm not dumb by any means but everytime they post a site it doesnt work. I've lived in my Lennar home for 3 years and this thing has always been a problem. Geek squad wont even work on it.