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Wifi down

New Contributor
  • My wifi has been down for over a day now. Called the internet provider and they said to reach out to ruckus. Need help asap

Not sure what you mean by confirming the status of the switch. Everything is plugged in and turned on.

Hi @ Madelynjohnson


Perfect, so the Access Point is online, the only is that there are not devices connected,Try the next:


1:Wire your computer directly to the ICX7150 Switch.

2:Once the computer, it's online run an IP scanner, I will provide the guide to find the IP address of the Access Point.

How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications

3:Now you know the IP address of the access point, copy and paste it into the URL web browser, we have two scenarios here, will bring you to the setup process or will ask you to log in, you must use the credentials for admin you may know if not try the next bundle.


Username:                      Passwords:

  admin                             sp-admin








4:You can continue with the set-up or create a new SSID/Wi-Fi ID


Creating a New Wireless WLAN (SSID)


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired | Lennar community forum


And yes the SSID is netgear46