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Upgrade method for ICX7150-C12?

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What is my path to upgrade? Do I do secondary first? Do I do a version at a time, incrementally?

What I have on my switch right now:

  Compressed Pri Code size = 24723488, Version:08.0.61aT211 (SPS08061a.bin)
  Compressed Sec Code size = 28314668, Version:08.0.61aT213 (SPR08061a.bin)
  Compressed Boot-Monitor Image size = 786944, Version:10.1.10T225
  Code Flash Free Space = 1311813632

I've watched this video. It's not entirely clear to me what my process should be. Is there one that speaks a little more 'hand-holdy' on how I do this?

Also, my secondary flash seems to have router firmware installed on it. Is that expected?



I should note, Terry is loading software from a TFTP server, which is not common for a house. I'll show you how to do this using a USB flash drive, so have one handy if you can, with nothing on it but the entire contents of the zip file (extracted) you download. I'd grab 8.0.90d, if possible.

See you next Thursday and please help spread the word. We really want to help the homeowners out, and help them get the most out of this great hardware.


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How do you go about accessing the ICX7150 running the L3 fw in Unleashed?

@slavix66 Unleashed doesn't directly manage ICX switches. However you can upload the L3 'routing' firmware to your ICX 7150 to provide basic static routing functionality. 

The L3 capable firmware is usually indicated by 'SPR' in the filename. E.g. SPR09010cufi.bin

You switch is likely running 'SPS0xxxxxx' which indicates switching firmware.

Thank you for a speedy reply.  I think my question may not have been worded as straight forward as i had thought.  I currently run the l3 routing fw.  I have tried adding my icx7150 to unleashed with both the l2 switch as well as the l3 routing fw's.  Unleashed only adds the switch when running l2 fw.  It recognizes it when running l3, but does not connect in unleashed environment.  

Valued Contributor

@slavix66 Many thanks for clarifying. 

I've checked and Unleashed should certainly support L3 mode, however I've been advised it may take longer for the full adoption process to complete.

The process should be straightforward but is detailed here for clarification:

It appears that a factory-default switch is the easiest to adopt.

If you are still having issues, please confirm the firmware versions of your Unleashed and ICX.

Hope that helps,

Thank You Darrel,

I am dealing with quite a bit at the moment, outside of the issue with unleashed recognizing the icx switch running L3 fw.  Previously I was on a fw above 8.0.9 although I am unsure which version at this time.  I am not at all sure which unleased software was implemented.  At this time I have flashed all devices to the most up to date FW / Software as of June 2022.  I had bypassed this hardware for the time being in order to keep the network up and running while i tinker with the new features of this HW.  I appreciate your guidance, and will try again in the near future.  

Thank You