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Slow Download Speeds R710 Unleashed

New Contributor
Strange issue with R710 on latest unleashed firmware. Upload speeds consistently incredible on both laptop and phone but downloads even from 5 ft away never go over 200 but stay consistent through 3 thick walls. Speedflex on android shows 550 up 550 down to AP. Iperf reflects results. Cable shouldn't be the problem as I have plugged my laptop on it and gotten the gigabit fiber speeds I should be getting. I have factory reset it countless times set everything to auto and tried manually setting the bands and channel width, am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3fe135b77e24790df97_43e5db9b2eca36b81d35b46dbdb8f876_RackMultipart20190818868831y92-dc568500-96c2-4610-9714-84fb1bdd684c-743324385.jpg1566155318
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I am also seeing the same thing on an R610 running

This is on IOS. Windows laptops average 500/500

Image_ images_messages_5f91c458135b77e247a361c3_84b64d32ec67bfd360432e4703ad4753_RackMultipart20190820582231ai7-06d59c33-b394-41ac-94f6-4b7c6378a765-1445385585.jpg1566266066

New Contributor
The strange thing for me is that on tcp mode(in Speedflex) , I get 100 ish down and 850 up, on an s10 with only 2x2 mimo which is what all other speedtests show udp and tcp, but in the same spot on udp mode I get 500 down and 500 up which never gets reflected in any other tests.

So what is the difference between TCP and UDP you might ask.  UDP just streams the data to your device and vice versa and it records what you are getting.  TCP on the other hand has checksums and a lot of other things going on in the background to make sure that all the packets are getting there and it doesn't have to resend any packets etc.  Couple of things to check since you are running new code have you checked the drivers for your nics to make sure they are the latest and support some of the new features that are in that code.  We have had issues with new features and during an upgrade something gets turned off bye default that was previously turned on so check your configs.

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I've got the exact same thing here 😞 I have with Controller and Unleased the Problem.