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Unleashed: Perpetually-Connecting ICX7150

New Contributor

Hi all,

Lennar Homeowner here...I've searched, but don't find this.

I got the standard-issue gear a lot of Lennar buyers got, and the whole things is a bit of an adventure.  That means two R510 APs, running together as an Unleashed network for a few months.  Also included was an ICX7150, but nobody was able to tell me how they configured it or what account I should use.  So it was reset time this weekend.

The APs got the upgrade, and they're still behaving.  I gave the ICX a hard factory reset, then upgraded the firmware to SPS08090j.  I made sure LLDP was enabled, and it seemed to help make the APs aware of the switch.  In fact, Unleashed found the switch and changed the admin username/pass to my main Unleashed account.  But that's as far as we've gotten.  For the past 24 hours or so, the status has been "Connecting" and I went into Unleashed and decided to remove the switch, wait a while, then manually add it.  Since I get prompted for my username/password, I figured that would help.  Instead, I can tell from the ICX logs that Unleashed is still trying to use the Super account. 

So what's the best way to get things moving along?  I can't change the password for the Super account, and am willing to whack the whole config in order to get the switch to join.  Unleashed doesn't seem to care if I give it different credentials, so it's going to keep trying Super.  I'm grateful for any help.  Thanks!