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Lennar Home ATT&T Internet

New Contributor

Hello -

We purchased a home from Lennar approximately 1 1/2 years ago. Its a smart home with Ruckus installed. We have 2 Q410s installed in our 2 story home and a large Ruckus box in the Internet/PC closet. We were never given the login information for the Ruckus system but I guess we didn't need at the time because we use ATT&T to provide our Internet service including Wi-Fi.

The problem is ATT&T Wi-Fi is very spotty and not consistent. I also received a security notification from ATT&T the Ruckus Wi-Fi SSID password is compromised.  We can change over to the Ruckus Wi-Fi SSID but I have no idea how to login to change any of the settings (like update the password). So it looks like we have 2 separate Wi-Fi networks in our home. The ATT&T and Ruckus. When I login to the ATT&T Internet management portal, I can see the ATT&T Wi-Fi system but not the Ruckus; it does show 3 Ruckus devices connected but that's it.

I contacted Amazon support but I was directed to reach out to Ruckus. Probably because our home warranty expired with Lennar & Amazon.

Any feedback and help is appreciated. We are not that tech savvy. Thank you!


New Contributor

Hi Anthony,  thanks for reaching out.  The Q410 is not a Wi-Fi AP, it is LTE, and requires a core network to operate.  It has the identical casing as an R510, which is the product that I think was installed in the Lennar homes.  I think you can do a hard reset of the Q410 and then download a userguide to see how to set passwords and all that, but you would need to pay for subscriptions to cloud mgmt, spectrum access system, and a cloud EPC.

More likely, I suspect you probably have an R510 and may need to repost on that forum to get help, although if you don't know the password and have never used the system, the hard reset may be the way to go.