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Unleashed: Perpetually-Connecting ICX7150

New Contributor

Hi all,

Lennar Homeowner here...I've searched, but don't find this.

I got the standard-issue gear a lot of Lennar buyers got, and the whole things is a bit of an adventure.  That means two R510 APs, running together as an Unleashed network for a few months.  Also included was an ICX7150, but nobody was able to tell me how they configured it or what account I should use.  So it was reset time this weekend.

The APs got the upgrade, and they're still behaving.  I gave the ICX a hard factory reset, then upgraded the firmware to SPS08090j.  I made sure LLDP was enabled, and it seemed to help make the APs aware of the switch.  In fact, Unleashed found the switch and changed the admin username/pass to my main Unleashed account.  But that's as far as we've gotten.  For the past 24 hours or so, the status has been "Connecting" and I went into Unleashed and decided to remove the switch, wait a while, then manually add it.  Since I get prompted for my username/password, I figured that would help.  Instead, I can tell from the ICX logs that Unleashed is still trying to use the Super account. 

So what's the best way to get things moving along?  I can't change the password for the Super account, and am willing to whack the whole config in order to get the switch to join.  Unleashed doesn't seem to care if I give it different credentials, so it's going to keep trying Super.  I'm grateful for any help.  Thanks!



Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Scott,

Start with upgrading the switch to the latest code. 08090 is old.

Also refer the user guide from page number 267 where ICX management configuration and procedure to add the ICX is given. 

Syamantak Omer
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Thanks for the warning about versions.  I'll jump on updating the switch, as long as I'm poking at it.

I did find a fix, and it's probably something that has caused this same problem for others.  The deal is that my user account for Unleashed is an email address.  I think maybe the scripting going on inside the master AP is making the same mistake I made:

If I want to open an SSH connection to a host, the command is "SSH username@hostname" but that doesn't work with an email address as the username like, "SSH user@maildomain@hostname." This is exactly what the AP is trying to do.  It's easy to use the "-l" (lower-case L) switch if you're a human and not running on hard-coded scripts: "SSH -l user@maildomain hostname"

Since I'm not able to modify the AP's connection string, I created a new Unleashed admin user and then added the same user/password to the switch.  The new username is just a single word, not an email address.  Once I got those created, it took less than a minute for the switch to get joined to the Unleashed network.

It might not be a bad idea to modify that connection string in future firmware updates.  It's pretty common to use email addresses as usernames for cloud-based services, and I imagine I'm not the first person to run into this issue.