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Switch issues - stops working and WIFI goes down

New Contributor

My WIFI has been going out daily and I'm not sure of the cause. There are no issues with the modem (it has it's own SSID that I can use when Ruckus goes down and that works without issue) and I have power flowing to the APs and the APs are broadcasting a signal, there is just nothing behind it. The only way I can restore functionality is to jump the port that I connect to for uplink. When I switch ports it will work anywhere from 4-16 hours, then go down again. For 3 years the system was stable then about 4 weeks ago I had the same issue and did a factory reset of the APs and they eventually came back to life. Last week the issue started again and I'm not sure what the issue may be.

I have replaced the router that feeds the switch but the issues keep happening. The only solution is to move the input port every time the system goes down. It will them work for a few hours and go down again. This is an unmanageable situation and I believe the switch may need to be replaced. I chatted with support and they said to wait here for a response from someone. Until then, I will keep jumping ports and hoping for the best!

Thank you



Hello @FL2CO 

Could you clarify what happens when the RUCKUS system stops working? For example, are access points no longer showing lights or is Wi-Fi functionality affected? or you experience many connectivity problems through the RUCKUS WIFI only ?

If your home experienced a power outage, it's likely that your switch began operating with routing code.

To temporarily resolve this, I recommend connecting to your local router via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. This approach should alleviate any current connectivity issues.

We need to attempt accessing the switch. I will provide a guide outlining various methods to rectify this issue and detailed steps for gaining access to the unit.

Here is a link how to resolve this switch :

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

Hi Fernando-

The WAPs stay up and are broadcasting the SSIDs I have setup. The issue is that even through I an connected to the SSID, the data is either slow or there is no data flowing through to my devices. They effectively loose connection to the internet. For the past few days I have been using a backup PoE switch and have had no interruptions, so I believe the switch is the issue. I have not had any power outages so I'm not sure what the cause could be. Either way, I will follow your suggestions and update once I've completed the steps.

Thank you!


This took a bit to gather all the parts and pieces but after downloading the driver I was able to establish my connection through Mac terminal. I ran the commands, as specified and it seems to have completed the required changes. I will connect the switch back later today and monitor to see if it's resolved. Thank you.

Hello @FL2CO , 

Great  please let us know how it goes !!!

Fernando Vasquez