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Rukus Newbie - Decide my r320(s) fate

New Contributor II

Greetings.  Purchased new home and low voltage company pre-wired the house with some "stuff" that I'm not familiar.  3500sq ft 2 story + basement home.  Signal path in the basement utility room is Comcast 1200 Internet (higher than my needs, yet ultimately will downgrade) - Arris S33 Modem - tplink GB VPN Router - Pakedge SE-8P Switch - 2x Rukus R320.  

The PakEdge switch feeds wired connectivity to several rooms/TVs/Office/etc along with both of the r320s.  One R320 is upstairs while the master is downstairs in the utility room.  

The wired PakEdge connections are okay, yet weaker than SLA.  Comcast coming out to fix the lines as the tested line outside isn't meeting their specs (Comcast tech tested it around 600ish mbps prior to coming in the house, thinks there's condensation in the line yet he's not the guy who climbs up the pole to fix things).  Inside wired connections off the Pakedge are roughly 350ish.  Still good enough for my needs, yet lower than spec.  

The r320s are roughly 250-275 when physically near the WAP (within 20ft).  Still good enough for my needs.  

The problem is main level, kitchen area.  There's a bit of a dead area where it's consistently under 35mbps.  There is an ethernet jack in the kitchen to the PakEdge switch which is ultimately my question.  

Do I:

a)  Pay the network tech to troubleshoot at $150/hr as the low voltage company says the r320 should be sending a stronger signal all over the house.

b)  Buy a 3rd WAP for the kitchen which would be great for the deck in the summer?  If so, what is your recommendation to compliment the (2) r320s and hopefully is managed off the same Unleashed App.

c)  Start over with a modern Mesh system as ultimately as I'd like better/more consistent coverage throughout the house.  Any recommendations?

d)  Start over with Comcast modem / MESH as they can troubleshoot and expand their SLA when it's their equipment (not very happy about monthly fees, yet I'm already beyond that with the low voltage guys hourly rates).