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R500 types of setup, master? Stand alone only?

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I obtained a few handfuls of R500 access points.  I know they are EOL.   Is the only thing I can do with them, is firmware each into a stand alone unit?  If so, can one be a master, so everything stays unified?  What are my options, unfamiliar with this brand.  These unitswill be a mere donation for places that have no other options.


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I'm just a user of these R500 AP's in my home, but as far as I know, you can set them up as an Unleashed Network OR you can use them as individual Stand Alone Access Points.  All that is required is installing the appropriate firmware.  The Firmware for both of these uses is free to download from the Ruckus Support pages.  Be aware that the most current version of Unleashed Software will not work on the R500 AP's due to the fact that they have been EOL'd, but you can use the version and it should work find.  I'm currently using it with 4 AP's Meshed together in my home without issues.  As for the Stand Alone firmware, you will need to check the Ruckus Support site to determine which one will work. Hope this helps.

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Community Admin

Hi Ronnie,

If you have more than 1 R500, then I would suggest using Unleashed.

As Dan explained, R500 is EOL AP so you have to use 200.7 version.

Here is the direct link for the firmware file. 

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Thank you for the verification.  I took a chance before any answer, and experimented last night.  Unleashed firmware went well!  Works great, adding #2 today to see how that goes.