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Ruckus system not working

New Contributor

My ruckus system seems to not be working. My internet provider is centurylink. I can connect to the centurylink modem just fine. But if I connect to the ruckus system I get extremely slow speeds or no internet at all. I have a gig thru centurylink and when I do a test on that I yield back about 900 mbps but if I do a speed test on the ruckus system it’s only about 60. I’ve had this set up for over 2 years and this is the first time I have had an issue with it. Any help is appreciated. 



Hi @Smyff3

If there was a blackout or power outage and the switch reboot because of that, most possible your switch starts running the wrong code which we call ‘routing code’ this is a known issue.





An identifier of this problem is that it comes out as Switch-Router in the unleashed dashboard.

There we are going to see 2 important things the

MAC address: Physical address of the device this never changes

An IP address is a unique address (logical) that identifies a device on the internet or a local network like your home (this can change and may not be the same as the one shown on the dashboard)

1- To fix this issue, we must identify the ‘currently’ IP address assigned by your local router to the switch

-We can try the IP address that shows in the dashboard copy and paste it in the URL if that redirects you to the login page for the ICX-7150-C12P that is the correct one if not.

I will leave you a guide how to perform an IP scanner on your local network to identify the switch IP address very easily. 

How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications

2-Once we identified the IP address of the switch proceed to access remote to the device 'command Line' 

How to remotely access to 'ICX 7150-12P' or 'access points' "Network devices"

If you can access to the Command line should look like this:

ICX7150-C12 Router>

3-Here is a quick guide to understand how to fix the 'routing code issue' but basically you need only need to run the following commands once you are on the command line 'CLI' 

Note: Hit Enter to accept each command


copy flash flash secondary 

boot system flash secondary yes 


ICX7150-24P Router>enable (hit enter to accept the command)
ICX7150-24P Router#copy flash flash secondary (hit enter to accept the command and wait: until the flash finished )
ICX7150-24P Router#boot system flash secondary yes ( hit enter to accept the command  : the switch will reboot )

How to Fix Routing code issues on Lennar Home users via CLI

Or WEB access option

4-If the access via IP address is not possible here is a guide how to access to the Switch via console (cable access between your PC to the ICX 7150-C12P) in this case we need a USB type C to USB standard or Console cable Rj45 to USB. 

How to console in the ICX-7150-C12P

Once you are log in the ICX-7150-C12P please follow up the same steps that are on point '3'

Best regards,


Lennar Home Community

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New Contributor


thanks for the reply. That seemed to fix my issue. Although the instructions were a bit hard to read/ follow as it jumps around a bit depending on how you access the switch. But I have some IT experience and was able to work thru it. I will ask though, is this likely to happen again with a power outage or is this a fix all option? Will there be a latch pushed out? If not can we exchange these switches for updated ones? I would hate to have to run these commands every time my switch loses it’s mind.

if not. Will the ruckus APs only work with a ruckus switch or if this becomes an issue can I switch out the switch with a different brand? Thanks again! 

Hi @Smyff3

Yes, APs can be power up via any PoE switches.

The ICX7150 switch has two partitions, the primary partition will be the switching code (SPS) and the secondary partition will be the routing code (SPR); however, for an installation in a Lennar house the SPS or switching code is the one required.

The issue occured because the switch started booting from the incorrect partition.

Now the issue has been cleared since we have configured both flashes SPS (Switching code). So we don't need to replace the device for the new one.

Best regards,


Lennar Home Community