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Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P stuck in “Boot Mode” (amber SYST and green PWR) no power to AP.

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Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P stuck in “Boot Mode” (amber SYST and green PWR) no power to AP.


Attempted numerous resets (remove and return power).

  • Returns to amber SYST and green PWR.


Attempted “factory reset”s (Remove power from the switch; Press and hold the Reset button while applying power to the switch; After all the system LEDs flash amber, release the Reset button).

  • The system LEDs continue to flash amber for 30 minutes before retry.
  • Retry: The system LEDs continue to flash amber for 6+ hours.


Successfully “consoled” into switch and ran “powercycle”


Ruckus Wireless Bootloader: 10.1.15T225 (Jan 30 2019 - 23:08:47 -0800)

Booted from partition 1

DRAM:  Validate Shmoo parameters stored in flash ..... OK


ICX7150-12 (POE), PVT1

SYS CPLD VER: 0x4 Released Ver: 0xa

Writing Shmoo values into flash .....


device 0 offset 0xbfe00, size 0x200

device 0 offset 0x0, size 0xc0000

Enter 'b' to stop at boot monitor:  0

device 0 offset 0x0, size 0xc0000

bootdelay: ===

Booting image from Secondary


NAND read: device 0 offset 0x4000000, size 0x2000000

4 ecc_errors after reading 5efa000:5efbc00

iproc_nand_read_page returned 2

NAND read from offset 4000000 failed -22

0 bytes read: ERROR

## Loading kernel from FIT Image at 70000200 ...

Bad FIT kernel image format!

ERROR: can't get kernel image!

could not boot from secondary, no valid image; trying to boot from primary

device 0 offset 0x0, size 0xc0000

BOOTING image from Primary


NAND read: device 0 offset 0x0, size 0x2000000

8 ecc_errors after reading 1b48000:1b49c00

iproc_nand_read_page returned 2

NAND read from offset 0 failed -22

0 bytes read: ERROR

## Loading kernel from FIT Image at 70000200 ...

Bad FIT kernel image format!

ERROR: can't get kernel image!


  • Unable to get kernel image from either partition.


Attempted software recovery (made, and confirmed, recommended IP changes; pinged TFTP).









ver=10.1.15T225 (Jan 30 2019 - 23:08:47 -0800)



bcm_xgs_gmac-0 Waiting for PHY auto negotiation to complete......... TIMEOUT !

Auto-neg error, defaulting to 10BT/HD

Change GMAC speed to 10MB

Using bcm_xgs_gmac-0 device


ARP Retry count exceeded; starting again

ping failed; host is not alive


  • Failed ping.
  • Verified all firewalls were disabled. Ping failed again.
  • Swapped out PC/console. Repeated steps. Ping failed again.


I attempted Software Restore/Upgrade from USB. Final steps require “User EXEC mode” for Mount and copy commands.

  • “ena” command is not recognized in Boot mode.


I tried 3 PCs/Laptops, two types of connectors, confirming IP addresses, and disabling all firewalls and I cannot get a successful ping.


All suggested solutions seem to require a successful TFTP connection or access to User EXEC mode. Please help.




Hi @JBaker 


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Thanks for your detailed description,



Based on your description it seems like your switch is stuck in boot mode. Also while performing software recovery steps you are getting error "Ping is not alive" which means there is no connectivity between the computer and your Switch.


To solve this issue please follow the below steps.


Please try the same troubleshooting steps by turning off the windows firewall. Here I share the guide on how to turn off windows firewall.


Guide to turn off Windows firewall


Please read the guide carefully before starting the steps.


How to perform a Software recovery on an ICX7150 switch


Ruckus ICX Recovery tutorial video


Best regards,


Lennar Home Community

New Contributor

Good day, assuming you are using windows in my response. 

First, a note: 

ipaddr =

serverip =

gatewayip =


Your devices IP and the TFTP server you are attempting to contact are the same IP.

If you're running a TFTP server on a laptop, it will need to have a different IP, like, and the gateway address can be the same.

Once the TFTP server is connected to the out of band management ethernet port on the switch, you'll need to check which network interface is being used in windows, usually in network and sharing center\adapter options.

Once you've found the interface being used here, you'll have to change the IP and Gateway on that interface to a unique IP, like 

From there, you'll need to bind the ip being used to the TFTP server application you're using, it's application specific on exactly how to do that.


Once you've configured your TFTP server host and application, you'll need to change the target gatewayip and serverip addresses on your switch.


A very important note here:

If you are using a domain joined computer or workstation to host the TFTP server, there may be group policies that will prevent changing the firewall settings, or will simply reset them when you try to change them. You may have to unjoin the organization domain or tenant, update the group policy on the machine by opening a command prompt as an admin, and running 'gpupdate -force'

Restart the computer

If this was part of the issue preventing your devices from communicating, you should now be able to turn off the windows firewall and try again.