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Replacement Switch

New Contributor

Hello - I received my replacement Switch and wondering if i need to do anything special to set it up? Do I just hook up the wires as before? what should the lights look like if working correctly? Thanks.


New Contributor

the power light is flashing green, the Ctl light is flashing green, and no other lights are on.

I unplugged and reconnected. Now getting solid green on power, no light on ctl, 3g orange, 5g orange. , 

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Busch007

Thank you for reaching us 

  • Could you please let us know if you are from Lennar Homes ?
  • Could you help us with switch model ? 
  • Could you please help us with more details about your requirement ? 
  • Have you tried to plug the cables back to the replacement switch like the switch for which replacement was sent ? Could you also help us with pictures of front panel of the switch ?
  • Are you able to access the switch using console ?

Below is the link with details about how to access switch using console for reference:



Hello - here are the answers to your questions:

- yes, I am a lennar home owner 

- switch model icx 7150-c12p

- would like to get 3g and 5g working on access points r510x3 and go from orange lights to green

-I have unplugged the wires once and set up as before. I’ve tried this twice. Picture attached.IMG_0038.jpegIMG_0038.jpeg