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Recovering UserName/Password for R510

New Contributor

I am trying to login to the Unleashed App on our Ruckus R510 AP to manage some aspects of our WLAN.  This is in a Lennar Smart Home we purchased in late 2018.  At the time Lennar had contracted with Amazon Services to come in and setup the Ruckus WLAN and related apps for things like ring, thermostat, etc.  I just realized that when the Amazon Services technician came to setup all of our items/apps he worked with us to make sure we had all the logins/passwords for those apps, but as far as I know, never provided us the login/password for either the Ruckus switch in our communications box (ICX 7150-C12p) or the Unleashed access to our ceiling mounted R510AP that provides the primary WLAN we use for all the other apps.  I am able to login to my ISPs gateway that is providing the DHCP for the whole network and deduced the local IP addresses for the Ruckus equipment from the gateway's device tables.  I used those IP addresses and have tried the default logins I found in the online Ruckus documentation, but they are not successful in logging in.  Apparently, the tech must have changed those as part of his setup.

Is there any way to gain admin access to the AP without doing a factory reset?  I am assuming that if I do a factory reset, it is going to wipe out all of the existing WLAN information and I would be faced with going back through all of other apps and devices (smart plugs, smart lights, etc) and would have to reset them up also.  If I do the factory reset of the AP, but set up the same SSID and password for the WLAN, would that be sufficient to be able to avoid having to deal with all the other apps and devices?