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R510 slow web access

New Contributor III

I have a new issue. Significant lag time when accessing web sites. If I switch the network to my ISP router, I have no lag, but when I use the R510, I get waits of 30 - 45 secs and more, sometimes getting "no internet" errors or cannot find DNS server, but it eventually connects to the site I am attempting to access. Also when logging into the unleashed app/manager network, I have to try multiple times to load the clients: "Unable to reach Uleashed Network. Ensure this Unleashed Network has internet connection and Remote Management is enabled." I think this still goes back to the multiple power outages and I wonder if I need to reset the R510. Thanks.


I contacted Lennar support. They gave me the information to replace the icx box, which I have initiated.

Thanks for your assistance.


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New Contributor III

I have the same exact issue. The ISP router connected works perfectly fine but not with my R510 Rucks switches. Is there step by step procedure to debug this issue ? Appreciate the help.