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Reset icx 7150 password

New Contributor

I have a Ruckus ics 7150 as part of a smart home package from Amazon.  Amazon did the initial setup but I have lost the admin user name and password.  When I log on to change the password I get an error message saying the account hasn't been set up for a password change.  Is there anyway I can reset the password for the account?


New Contributor III

Hi Harvey,

connect to the console of the switch, boot up, interrupt the boot by pressing b.

enter "no password" and "boot".




Thanks for the reply.   I was going to try that but I can't get either my windows machine or my mac to see the USB port when I try to connect to the console.  I've downloaded the Mac driver from the support site.  It seems to install OK but for whatever reason the driver won't load.  So it can even see the port.  Windows won't see the port by default.  I found a driver on the support site for Windows but apparently I have to have premium support to download that driver.  I must be missing something but i have no idea what it is.

@harvey_spears try to get hold of a usb2serial adapter.

Contributor II

Or you can try the default one starting 08.0.90 firmware.

Default Username and Password

When SSH is enabled out of the box, use the following default username and password to initially access the ICX device:

  • default local username: super
  • default password: sp-admin