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Packet Loss

New Contributor

There was a power issue in the house where the house lost power for a second. When the switch rebooted, the AP's were able to power back on, but the all the traffic and the connectiity to the internet was intermittent. More specifically, devices connected into the switch would lose 50-70% of its packets. To solve for this, I purchased another POE switch and plugged everything into that and the packet loss no longer happens.



Hi @ altaddeo



Based on your description, it looks like your Switch (ICX7150 Switch) may be booting from the wrong partition, let me add the guide to fix the issue.


Note: if you have access to the Unleashed Dashboard and the Switch can be seen from there, it may look like the following image, ICX7150-C12-Router instead of ICX7150-C12-Switch, now before starting the steps of the guide, I will advise you to cable the computer directly to the Switch since you will have better connectivity than if you connect via wireless. 


Note: Please read the guides carefully before starting the troubleshooting.


How to Fix Routing code issues on Lennar Home users via Web GUI.


 How to Fix Routing code issues on Lennar Home users via CLI





Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández.

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired | Lennar Home Community


Hi Yarenis, 


Can you please see my updated reply? I'm still without a working switch. 





Hi @altaddeo 

We must have access to the switch at least to determine the problem we cannot replace a unit without diagnosis.

If there was a blackout or power outage and the switch reboot because of that, most possible your switch starts running the wrong code which we call ‘routing code’ this is a know issue.

An IP address is a unique address (logical) that identifies a device on the internet or a local network like your home (this can change and may not be the same as the one shown on the dashboard)

1- To fix this issue, we must identify the ‘currently’ IP address assigned by your local router to the switch

-We can try the IP address that shows in the dashboard copy and paste it in the URL if that redirects you to the login page for the ICX-7150-C12P that is the correct one if not.

I will leave you a guide how to perform an IP scanner on your local network to identify the switch IP address very easily. 

How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications

2-Once we identified the IP address of the switch proceed to access remote to the device 'command Line' 

How to remotely access to 'ICX 7150-12P' or 'access points' "Network devices"

If you can access to the Command line should look like this:

ICX7150-C12 Router>

3-Here is a quick guide to understand how to fix the 'routing code issue' but basically you need only need to run the following commands once you are on the command line 'CLI' 

Note: Hit Enter to accept each command


copy flash flash secondary 

boot system flash secondary yes 


ICX7150-24P Router>enable (hit enter to accept the command)
ICX7150-24P Router#copy flash flash secondary (hit enter to accept the command and wait: until the flash finished )
ICX7150-24P Router#boot system flash secondary yes ( hit enter to accept the command  : the switch will reboot )

How to Fix Routing code issues on Lennar Home users via CLI

Or WEB access option

4-If the access via IP address is not possible here is a guide how to access to the Switch via console (cable access between your PC to the ICX 7150-C12P) in this case we need a USB type C to USB standard or Console cable Rj45 to USB. 

How to console in the ICX-7150-C12P

Once you are log in the ICX-7150-C12P please follow up the same steps that are on point '3'

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

New Contributor


Thanks for the assistance but I think the issue is bigger than just what was described below. While trying to perform the fix above I had the switch sit on my desk and at least 4 times I watched the switch reboot, where all the lights went off, came back on, blinked, and then stayed solid for a few minutes and then recycle and do it all over again. 

How can we replace this device that seems to be getting worse?