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No Power Going to Ruckus 510 AP When Connected to the C1 & C2 Ports on ICX-7150-C12P

New Contributor

Had recent power outage and performance on the Ruckus system degraded.  I did a power cycle and reset of the Ruckus ICX-7150 per usual but this time after I hooked everything back up the APs did not come back on.  My internet is working fine via my regular router and broadcasting signals and I am able to connect.  There are no amber lights on the Ruckus switch and all lights/are green and show a signal transfer is occurring.  I checked the C1 and C2 ports and they do not have any lights indicating transfers when I have my cables plugged in.  To test the cables I plugged them into the downlink ports and that triggered the Power to come on the APs, but obviously no signal was broadcast.  I attempted a master reset of the APs with the power on from the downlinks and was able to bring up the Configure Me on the Ruckus Unleased app and run the configuration, but no signal could be broadcast from those so I moved the cables back over to the C1 & C2 ports but it went back to having no Power.  At this point I'm at a loss