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Login information not working.

New Contributor

I'm trying to log in on my unleased app on my iphone and it is not working or allowing me to log in through the phone. I checked and tried to reset my PW and its still telling me I'm giving the wrong answer to the security question. 


New Contributor

I am trying the same thing and my unleashed app tells me I'm not connected to unleashed network..


Hi @kbitting

Please follow the below guide for better understanding of the unleashed app.

Here is a short video how to enable password recovery  :

If you need a factory reset and re-configured from 0

Reset process minute : 2:36

Mobile APP

Ruckus Unleashed Set-up using your Mobile

Best regards,


Lennar Home Community




So the links are great. The problem is that they are asking me to answer my security question which I did but it is still telling me that the answer is incorrect when I know it isnt. What do I do because I want to rename the network and change the PW. 


Can someone give me a call?

New Contributor II

This was not helpful. I am on my ruckus network but the app nor the browser admin link is recognizing that I am on the network.