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Lennar - icx 7150 c12p config

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I am in a lennar home.  shortly after moving in we lost power and the switch lost its configuration.  someone remote in and reconfigured and said it wont happen again.  Lost power again another time and same thing happened.  Ruckus support sent a whole new switch.  We have since had the same issue with this one.  The switch appears to lose all configuration and cannot boot from a previously saved configuration.

I am able to get in via IP address with Ethernet but not sure where to go from there.  can someone walk me through how to configure this?  it does still power APs but cannot configure network.

when attempting to get into the AP via the app i get an error that says "unable to fetch default configuration from the AP"

I have solid green PWR light and Green Blinking on CTL

APs are R510 and have been reset several time as as the switch.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Wpthomson

Thank you for reaching us 

The steps provided in  the below link will help you gain console access to switch CLI 

Once you are able to access switch on console check the version on switch side if it is booting from SPS or SPR code. 

Please feel free to share output of "show version" and "show flash" from switch CLI on this post

From "show version" you would able to see if the switch is running on SPS or SPR code and booting from which flash i.e. primary flash or secondary flash.

From "show flash" you would be able to see which flash has "SPS" image and which flash has "SPR" image.


i am no longer able to get in.  i can hit "login" after going to IP address but its asking for login and password stating "your connection to this site is not private" i have tried several variations of the ruckus default passwords. is there anything else i can try?

@Chandini  i got in via the IP address. but i am not able to find boot sequence.  are you able to call to walk through the menu's?  there are several on the left side of the screen


Running Image Version:Flash Primary Image Version:Flash Secondary Image Version:Running Boot Image Version:

SW: Version 08.0.90jT211
Compiled on Jan 5 2021 at 21:06:08 labeled as SPS08090j
08.0.90T211, size=29360128
08.0.90T213, size=33554432
10.1.18T225, size=786944